Conference interpretation

We provide interpretation services for conferences for the main international languages. In order to assist you promptly and efficiently, please book in advance.

The experience of our interpreters guarantees intermediation of communication under the best conditions and with the best results, irrespective of the discussion topic.

The minimum requirement for the process of simultaneous transmission of the message to be further carried out faultlessly and smoothly is to have 2 interpreters and the minimum specific equipment for this type of interpretation.

To make things easier for you, we can provide all the necessary equipment for this type of events.

For further details, please check Equipment for rent section.

Simultaneous interpretation

This is the most common type of interpretation because of time saving. The message is sent almost at the same time with the speaker by the help of the technical equipment (radio or infrared waves, microphones, headsets).

For further details, please check Equipment for rent section.

The team of interpreters is made of 2 persons who switch every 10 minutes. This is very important for your message to be correctly sent.

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter translates for the speaker or for a small group of persons a few phrases, acting as an intermediary between the speaker and the audience. The speaker stops to allow the interpreter convey the message. This type of interpretation requires a double amount of time, as the message is transmitted twice (in the speaker’s native language and in the target language). Nevertheless, there are cases when consecutive interpretation is preferred over the simultaneous one.


This type of interpretation does not require technical equipment. The interpreter quietly conveys the message into the target language to one single auditor.

Interpretation for different events

We can provide interpreters certified by the Ministry of Justice to assist you for the execution of documents before the Notary Public, the Vital Records officer, Police or other public authorities when a foreign citizen is involved.

Moreover, we can also provide interpretation services for business meetings, seminars, cultural events, attending and guiding foreign citizens for touristic purposes.