Public authorities


MAE – the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
IER the European Institute of Romania
CNRED the official website of the National Centre for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas
Apostille Office Braşov the official website of the Prefecture, Braşov County
Apostille Office Braşov the official website of Braşov County Court

Useful information:

The Chamber of Notaries Public Brasov – apostille and supralegalization 
SPCLEP, Braşov City Hallthe official website of the Public Community Service of Personal Records from Braşov, the Register Office
Embassies in Bucharest – the full list of Embassies and Consulates in Romania and Romania’s Embassies around the world
ISJB the official website of the School Inspectorate Brasov (for documents that need to be endorsed previously to the apostille affixation)
DSPBV the official website of the Public Health District Authority of Braşov County (for documents that need to be endorsed previously to the apostille affixation)
Ministry of Justice license the documents necessary for certification of translators and interpreters
Translator examination | translator certification – Ministry of Justice license

Online dictionaries


DEX online the Explicative Dictionary of the Romanian language
IATE UE’s multilingual term base
Oxford English Dictionary – English-English dictionary
Oxford Dictionaries – English-English dictionary
Linguee – multilingual dictionary
Reverso Translation – multilingual dictionary
Multilingual lexicographic worksdictionaries, languages courses, forums
Romanian-English, French and German Dictionaries11 free dictionaries, including technical, medical, marketing and financial fields
Free English-Romanian, German-Romanian and French-Romanian Dictionarieswords and idioms in various fields
Romanian Dictionary in and from all languages online dictionary 
Online English-Romanian Dictionaryonline dictionary, learning programs for English and Romanian
Bilingual Technical and Medical Dictionary complex dictionary in three categories: bilingual, technical and medical
Everest Dictionarythe biggest free dictionary with 37 different dictionaries covering 9 languages
Dictionaries Portal linguistic portal with all the resources for language study in over 250 languages, forums, grammar courses, glossaries specialized in 133 fields
Online Linguistic Resourcessearch of definitions, translations, dictionaries in over 700 web dictionaries
English Dictionary the most complex explicative dictionary of the English language
Merriam-Webster Dictionaryfree online English Dictionary
Online Cambridge DictionariesCambridge dictionaries for English advanced learning