• the rates above are calculated for  1 PAGE;
  • 1 PAGE contains 2,000 characters with spaces;
  • documents with less than 2,000 characters with spaces shall be charged as 1 page;
  • for standard forms (diplomas, certificates,  etc.), the rates are per document;
  • rates may be different according to the text difficulty following a negotiation with the customer;
  • the emergency fee is 50% from the total rate of the translation for requests solved the same day;
  • payment by cash, card or bank transfer.

Interpretation services – For conferences

The rates for conference interpretation differ depending on the language, duration in days and hours of the interpreters’ work and on whether simultaneous interpretation equipment is required or not.

Interpretation services – Translations

English / French / Italian / Spanish        RON 100 / hour

German / Hungarian / Russian                RON 150 / hour

Rates for interpretation before the Notary Public will be calculated per 1 indivisible hour. Interpretation time starts the moment the interpreter arrives at the place where his services are required and until the departure. Interpretation services for Notary Public offices must be booked in advance.

Notarized translation rates

English / French / Italian / Spanish / German / Hungarian / Russian / Greek / Dutch / Czech / Serbian / Turkish / Slovakian

  • RON 42 / document, regardless the number of pages, RON 10 for the next copy

Notary certified copies rates

  • RON  10 / page